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Center Holds Celebration June 22, 2017

The Children's Dyslexia Center of Lancaster held its 13th annual Celebration of Achievement on June 4 in the Johnston Auditorium of the Lancaster Masonic Center. A total of 11 children graduated from the program, and several continuing students were recognized for their progress. Additionally, 11 tutors and four scholars were recognized for their work with the 28 students enrolled at the center.

Heather Hinkel, director of the center, addressed the students, tutors and scholars, and governing board, thanking them for the work each provides to the program. Each graduate was given an autograph bear, the mascot adopted by the Children's Dyslexia Centers Inc., as a keepsake. Students presented words of thanks to their tutors and the board of governors.

The center, sponsored by the Lancaster Lodge of Perfection of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite Masons, is one of eight such centers in Pennsylvania providing tutoring at no charge to children from elementary through high school who fit a dyslexic profile. Children are eligible regardless of economic status or Masonic affiliation. The Orton-Gillingham approach, a sequential, multisensory, phonetic approach to language, is used as the basis for tutoring and tutor training.

The Children's Dyslexia Center of Lancaster opened in 2002 and has helped as many as 150 students overcome dyslexic challenges; at least half of them have graduated from the program. Funding for the program, which averages $6,000 per student per year, comes in large measure from the local fundraising efforts undertaken by the Lancaster Lodge of Perfection and the board of governors that oversees the program. Some of the fundraising efforts include holiday pie sales, apple dumpling and chicken corn soup sales, the annual Lancaster W. Scott Stoner Memorial Children's Dyslexia Center Walk, and the Extraordinary Give. Dates for these events can be found at or on the center's Facebook page. Readers may call 717-481-5680 or email for information about the program.


NHS Chapter Receives Award June 21, 2017

The National Honor Society (NHS) of York Catholic High School has been selected as one of the 10 Outstanding Service Project Award recipients for 2017 by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) and NHS.

The NHS chapter was honored for a project carried out by the senior members. The students helped to build a new playground in the park across the street from the school between Vander Avenue and Edgar Street this past fall. The students assisted Bring on Play (BOP), a committee of individuals and organizations working together to increase play opportunities within the city of York. The students dug, shoveled, installed, and assisted in any way they were asked. This is the second consecutive year the National Honor Society has worked with BOP on creating a playground to help improve the community for others.


Benefit Dance Canceled June 19, 2017

The Resurrection Catholic School 25th anniversary Benefit Dance, set for Saturday, June 24, has been canceled. The event had been scheduled to feature the band Syrplus; however, the band is no longer able to perform.

The St. Anthony Class of 1964 will provide ticket refunds. Readers may contact Ron Meikrantz at 717-330-1565 with questions.


LAMS Posts Distinguished Honor Roll June 16, 2017

A number of students at Lititz Area Mennonite School, 1050 E. Newport Road, Lititz, achieved distinguished honor roll status for the fourth marking period of the school year.

Honored students include sixth-graders Elsie Martin and Arianna Stauffer; seventh-graders Lydia Eckman, Colleen Miller, Jenna Miller, and Tyler Sommers; and eighth-graders Lauren Martin and Laura Patches.


MCCS Recognizes Student Accomplishments June 16, 2017

Mount Calvary Christian School (MCCS) in Elizabethtown acknowledged student achievements throughout the 2016-17 school year at its recent end-of-the-year celebration. Special awards and certificates were also presented to students in their classroom.

At the elementary level, winners of the Armor of God Award included first-graders Kameron Burns, Isabella Corrigan, and Eliott Fleck; second-graders Hannah Barnes, Madi Oshel, Owen Weisser, and Zachary Winters; third-graders Sofie Bennett and Sadie Givens; fourth-graders Felicity Carius, Benjamin Gerlach, and Trey Robinson; and fifth-graders Seth Granzow, Avery Kopcha, and Jackson Mohr.

Elementary-schoolers named to the All A Honor Roll were third-graders Zane Akers, Sofie Bennett, Alana Flory, Emma Germak, Ashley Hatfield, Noah Smeltz, Lilah Martin, and Isabel Robles; fourth-graders Kaden Feucht, Bethany Copeland, Andrew Hack, David Zamora, and Evan Zeager; and fifth-graders Tristan Hofstetter, Ruva Khoshnevissan, and Emma Nicklas. On the All A/B Honor Roll were third-graders Dominik Albury, Danae Arnold, Gregory Carl, Kyra Crigger, Sadie Givens, Claire Hixon, Jonathan Hubler, Asher Kimble, Kirsten Kline, Aaron Kopcha, Audra Kuntz, Patrick Miller, Aubrey Norman, Katelin Norman, Aaron Smith, Emma Smith, Taylor Weaver, and Izzy Zellers; fourth-graders Jordan DeGroft, Cassie Ebersole, Wyatt Elder, Zuju Figueroa, Micah Fortney, Benjamin Gerlach, Isander Gonzalez, Andrew Hack, Chad Halterman, Caleb Matesevac, Trey Robinson, and Jesse Van Schoick; and fifth-graders Shelby Ebersole, Seth Granzow, Owen Hostetter, Alana Kelley, Avery Kopcha, Sydney Kraft, Jackson Mohr, Katelyn Niedwick, Emily Norcott, Alivia Rutt, and Zachary Verghese.

The following students received awards for earning the highest average in academics: Physical Education: sixth grade, Brett Taylor; seventh grade, Marlie Niedwick; and eighth grade, Julia Martin. Art: grade six A, Jessica Shaffer; grade six B, Morgan Way; seventh grade, Aletha Sipe; grade eight A, Julia Martin; and grade eight B, Ruth Hoffman. Computer: grade six A, Ethan Smith, and Passion Award, Jonathan Gerlach; grade six B, Brett Taylor, and Passion Award, Breanna Winters; seventh grade, Sydney Cowles, and Passion Award, Grace Elder; grade eight A, Taylor Cowles, and Passion Award, Ethan Hofstetter; and grade eight B, Ashlyn Arndt, and Passion Award, Rachel Green. Bible: grade six, Morghan Norcott, and Passion Award, Morgan Way; grade six, Brandon Zeager, and Passion Awards, Mason Bennett and Jonathan Gerlach; grades seven and eight A, Sydney Bennage, and Passion Award, Rachael Martin; grades seven and eight B, Grace Elder, and Passion Award, Ethan Hofstetter; grade nine, Marley Kreiser and Haley Witmer, and Passion Award, Anna Bert; 10th grade, Alyssa Turner, and Passion Award, Alyssa Buckner; and 11th grade, Carley Herndon and Jayln Maulfair, and Passion Award, Corey Copeland.

Math: grade six A, Morghan Norcott, and Passion Award, Ethan Smith; grade six B, Emma Neece, and Passion Award, Lucy Hixon; grade seven, Ruth Hynum, and Passion Awards, Sydney Bennage and Sydney Cowles; grades seven and eight (prealgebra), Grace Elder, and Passion Award, Rachel Green; grade eight (Algebra I), Taylor Cowles, and Passion Award, Hayden Merrick; grade nine (Algebra I), Molly Bert, and Passion Award, Taegan Akers; grade 10 (geometry), Ambria Good, and Passion Award, Marley Kreiser; grade 10 (Algebra II), Nathan Lerro, and Passion Award, Alyssa Buckner; and grade 11 (precalculus), Xuanyi Chen, and Passion Award, Emily Wolfe.

English: grade six A, Morghan Norcott, and Passion Award, Kylie Wilkinson; grade six B, Morgan Way, Passion Award, Mackenzie Kline; grade seven, Grace Elder, and Passion Award, Kacy Robinson; grade eight A, Taylor Cowles, and Passion Award, Julia Martin; grade eight B, Rachel Green, and Passion Award, Karissa Snyder; grade nine (Introduction to Literature), Lindsay Nicklas, and Passion Award, Haley Witmer; grade nine B, Kelly Garcia; grade 10 (Honors American Literature), Ambria Good, and Passion Award, Matt Kruschinsky; grade 11 (British Literature), Carley Herndon, and Passion Award, Mackenzie Arndt; and grade 11 (Honors British Literature), Emily Wolfe, and Passion Award, Hunter Crick.

History: grade six A, Mason Bennett and Brandon Zeager, and Passion Award, Ethan Miller; grade six B, Morgan Way, and Passion Award, Mackenzie Kline; grade seven, Grace Elder; grade eight, Taylor Cowles, and Passion Award, Ethan Hofstetter; grade nine A (W. Geography), Marley Kreiser, and Passion Award, Sam Robinson; grade nine B (W. Geography), Kelly Garcia; grade 10 (world history), Nathan Lerro, and Passion Award, Josiah Hoffman; grade 11 (economics), Katelyn Esbenshade, and Passion Award, Michael Lane; and grade 11 (government), Katelyn Esbenshade, and Passion Award, Katy Zurin.

Science: grade six A, Mason Bennett, and Passion Award, Drew Norman; grade six B, Emma Neece, and Passion Award, Lucy Hixon; grade seven (life science), Sienna Cruzan, and Passion Award, Kacy Robinson; grade eight (earth science), Taylor Cowles, and Passion Award, Hayden Merrick; grade nine (physical science A), Marley Kreiseer; grade 10 (physical science B), Alyssa Buckner; grade 10 (biology), Nathan Lerro, and Passion Award, Alyssa Turner; grade 11 (chemistry), Emily Wolfe, and Passion Award, Carley Herndon; and Anatomy, Tyler Wilkinson.

Spanish: grade six A, Brandon Zeager, and Passion Award, Jonathan Gerlach; grade six B, Morgan Way, and Passion Award, James Hoffman; grade seven, Grace Elder, and Passion Award, Kacy Robinson; grade eight, Taylor Cowles, and Passion Award, Julia Martin; Spanish IA, Anna Bert; Spanish IB, Taegan Akers; Spanish II, Nathan Lerro, and Passion Award, Alyssa Buckner; and Spanish III, Emily Wolfe, and Passion Award, Katelyn Esbenshade.

Also honored were Student Council members Hansen Crick, Harrison Crick, Naomi Ewing, Ella Hixon, Lindsay Nicklas, Leah Hawryluk, Tyler Masters, Brittney Taylor, Katelyn Esbenshade, Matthew Kark, Madison Martin, Kelsey McMahon, and Jenna Romberger.

In middle school, awards were received by Zaelys DeArce for Artist of the Year, Marlie Niedwick for band, and Jaelyn Akers for choir. In high school, awards were given to Jayln Maulfair for choir and Hunter Crick for band.

Students named to the All A/B Honor Roll included sixth-graders Braden Esbenshade, Jonathan Gerlach, Lucy Hixon, Mackenzie Kline, Mia Kraft, Liam Largent, Ethan Miller, Emma Neece, Drew Norman, Benjamin Reaggs, Jessica Shaffer, Joshua Smullen, Morgan Way, Kylie Wilkinson, and Breanna Winters; seventh-graders Caedmon Buckner, Noah Butler, Elena Hatfield, Trevor Kimble, Sarah Powley, Kacy Robinson, and Aletha Sipe; eighth-graders Taylor Cowles, Ethan Hofstetter, and Hayden Merrick; ninth-graders Anna Bert, Olivia Ebersole, Naomi Ewing, Ava Hatfield, and Sam Robinson; 10th-graders Alyssa Buckner, Ambria Good, Ethan Niedwick, Brittney Taylor, and Alyssa Turner; and juniors Xuanyi Chen, Matthew Kark, and Madison Martin.

Recognized on the All A Honor Roll were sixth-graders Mason Bennett, Elle Devorski, Morghan Norcott, Brynne Smith, and Brandon Zeager; seventh-graders Sienna Cruzan and Grace Elder; eighth-grader Julia Martin; ninth-graders Marley Kreiser and Haley Witmer; 10th-grader Nathan Lerro; and junior Hunter Crick, Katelyn Esbenshade, Carley Herndon, Jalyn Maulfair, Jenna Romberger, and Emily Wolfe.

Earning the Citizenship Award were sixth-graders Jessica Shaffer and Brandon Zeager, seventh-graders Kacy Robinson and Mark Ogilvie, eighth-graders Karissa Snyder and Ethan Hofstetter, ninth-graders Haley Witmer and Scott Lane, 10th-graders Leah Hawryluk and Ethan Niedwick, and juniors Jayln Maulfair and Matthew Kark.

The top academic students in high school were ninth-grader Marley Kreiser with a 97.8 percent average, 10th-grader Ambria Good with a 98 percent average, and junior Emily Wolfe with a 99.6 percent average.


School Posts Honor Roll June 16, 2017

Lititz Christian School has announced its honor roll for the fourth grading period of the 2016-17 school year.

Named to the distinguished honor roll were third-graders Oren Bruckhart and Jude Esbenshade; fourth-graders Reagan Connell, Henry Friedrichs, Lauren Hurst, Lucas Murray, and Sarah Smith; fifth-graders Taylor Bruckhart, Madi Haluck, and Angie Scanlan; sixth-graders Lana Bert, Grace Gerard, Jack Haught, Taite Heller, Hannah Jordan, Chloe Kriebel, Kyla Mason, Grace Reedy, and Tyler Velkly; seventh-graders Stephen Christner, Vincent Clay, and Noah Felty; eighth-graders Evie Cadwalader, Danny Coomer, and Lizzy Martin; ninth-graders Kierra Flahive, Nao Nakata, Elijah Padulese, Ami Takada, and Jimin Yun; 10th-graders Katie Borg, Sakura Ii, Benuel Lapp, Airi Yamaguchi, and Amy Zhou; juniors Jennifer Coomer, Jon Martin, and Kristen Pontz; and seniors Viki Wang and Janie Wehrer.

Students on the honor roll include third-graders Jonas Dekker, Cody Derner, Sophia Hamby, Noreen Lehman, Nathanael Swift, and Ella Urquhart; fourth-graders Emma Christner, Taylor Grove, Sara Lewis, Gannon McClain, Savannah Mertz, Gabbie Reedy, Lilly Woratyla, and Jeremiah Young; fifth-graders Eliza Mason, Hope Cyphers, Henry Lee, Afton Urquhart, and Abby Zimmerman; sixth-graders Wynne Coolbeth, Micah Harmon, Alissa Hoover, Reagan Mertz, and Rylee Stoltzfus; seventh-graders Kyiah Flahive, Kate Haluck, Andrew Hoover, Luke Miklas, and Kelsey Wardell; eighth-graders Moriah Kreiser and Luke Yager; ninth-graders Jack Christner, Jackson Esbenshade, JoJo Inabo, and Jabez Kreiser; 10th-graders Bryce Eberly, Nikki Schlegel, Natsumi Shima, Nichole Stanley, Luke Vance, and Joyce Zhang; juniors Dawson Bert, Nathan Madeira, Katherine Parker, and Aviva Wang; and seniors Benjamin Coolbeth, Kyran Flahive, Madelyn Gerard, Amelia High, Seongwon Kang, Marissa Martin, Autumn Miklas, Rama Mugisha, Emma Jo Phillips, and Gillian Rhea.


Dearing Receives Scholar Athlete Award June 15, 2017

Brendan Dearing received the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame Philadelphia Area Chapter's Scholar Athlete Award on May 24 at Villanova University. He and 33 other high school scholar-athletes from throughout the tri-county region were recognized for their outstanding performance in football, academic achievement, school leadership and citizenship.

Dearing graduated from Bishop Shanahan High School this year and had attended Sacred Heart School in Oxford. He demonstrated academic achievement and was a member of the Bishop Shanahan Student Council for four years. At Shanahan, he was a two-time First Team all-conference, area, and county player, as well as a First Team all-state recipient during his senior season. He played varsity basketball, helping lead Shanahan's boys' basketball team to its first state playoff berth in 22 years.

Dearing plans to continue his education and football career at Franklin & Marshall College.


School Receives Accreditation June 15, 2017


School Honors Students June 15, 2017


WFCS Students Recognized With Awards June 15, 2017

Presidential Certificate of Excellence Awards were presented to 15 students at a recent awards ceremony at West Fallowfield Christian School (WFCS). The awards are given to students who exhibit educational excellence in the fifth and eighth grades and who have achieved high academic goals through their hard work and dedication to learning.

To be eligible to win an award, students must have maintained a grade point average of at least 3.5 and/or scored in the top 15 percent on their standardized tests throughout their elementary school years. Students who fit both criteria receive a gold award, and students who have achieved one criterion receive a silver award. All winners receive a lapel pin featuring the presidential seal.

The following students received a gold Certificate of Excellence: eighth-graders Allison Herr, Kayla Howell, Dustin Kauffman, and Rose Rowe and fifth-graders Evan Byerley, Lucy Eckman, Hannah Howell, Savannah Leaman, Lydia Ridderhoff, Emily Wayman, and Justin Yu.

The Silver Certificates of Achievement were awarded to eighth-graders Bryce Engle and Joshuah Smith and fifth-graders Ian McAdams and Emmerson Ware.

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