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School Campus Begins Robotics Program December 13, 2017

At Lancaster Mennonite School's Hershey Campus, 1525 Sand Hill Road, Hummelstown, teacher Sue Eckert is constantly looking for ways to inspire her students. At the end of every school year, she surveys them to get ideas that will increase their joy of learning. Coding, or writing a computer program, was among the top picks of her Elementary Tech Lab students, and the idea of robotics arose naturally from the coding activities.

To encourage personal ownership of a robotics project, Eckert asked the students in grades three through five to create slideshows about an educational robot of their choice. In this way, students presented their findings to each other and collaboratively analyzed 16 options.

A robotics kit includes a physical robot, related accessories, and the instruction guide. The robots have some built-in functions such as light and touch sensors, can respond to stimuli like hand clapping or speech, and produce sounds themselves. Their educational value is the way that students are able to use apps to communicate with and program the robots.

Eckert plans to begin with Dash and Dot kits and Edison V2.0 kits. A Dash and Dot kit with two Dash robots and two Dot robots costs between $700 and $870. An Edison V2.0 robot kit with 10 Edison robots costs approximately $370.

To raise funds for the robotics kits, LMS Hershey families, friends, and interested community partners are collecting empty aluminum cans and scrap for recycling. The first load of 118 pounds was delivered at the end of November. The school is also accepting monetary donations to buy the kits.

While the younger Hershey students are awaiting their kits, a Robotics Club was formed for high school students looking to pursue engineering and mechanical studies. The Robotics Club meets on Wednesdays and Thursdays to build robots. The club is currently programming a Parallax Boe Bot from professor Aldo Morales of Penn State Harrisburg because they plan to compete in upcoming robotics competitions at Penn State. They are looking for financial support to purchase a second robot kit. The Robotics Club consists of Emma Sellers, Cara Higgins, Michael Rosenfeld, Alex Beck, and Jiacheng (Jimmy) He.


Students Present Musical Performance December 13, 2017


School Receives Grant December 13, 2017

La Academia: The Partnership Student Charter School recently received a $1,000 grant from the Matthews Children's Foundation and Groff Funeral and Cremation Services in Lancaster. The foundation was established in 1992 to disburse funds to nonprofit organizations that work for the benefit of children across the U.S. The foundation partners with funeral and cemetery businesses to support all aspects of child welfare.

The $1,000 grant will be used to purchase three computers intended to help engage students with interactive lessons and prepare them for an increasingly digital workforce.

Also, La Academia science teacher Amy Kline recently received a $100 gift card from A.C. Moore and the Kids In Need Foundation. The charity provides free school supplies to teachers and students and grants to teachers. Kline plans to use the gift card to pay for supplies for her eighth-grade science class' lighthouse project, which will result in working, decorated lighthouses controlled by electrical switches.


Students Named To County Orchestra December 12, 2017


School Acquires Computers, Electronic Tablets December 12, 2017


Students Perform STEM Projects December 11, 2017

Students at St. Joan of Arc School in Hershey recently participated in STEM projects.

Students were in small groups of two or three and took on the roles of computer programmer, engineer, or project manager. They chose one of 12 building projects available in the Lego WeDo kits. The kits included a motor, motion sensor and/or tilt sensor. Once the students decided what to build, they created a story graphic in the Scratch program. Scratch is a scaled down computer programming environment created by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab.

Students put their engineering and computer programming skills to the test as they built, programmed, worked through bugs that prevented their project from doing as they hoped, and got their project working.


Students Take Part In "Hour Of Code" December 11, 2017

St. Anne School participated in this year's "Hour of Code" Week in celebration of Computer Science Education Week on Dec. 4 through 8. The Hour of Code Week began as a one-hour introduction to computer science designed to demystify code, show that anybody can learn the basics, and broaden participation in the field of computer science. It has turned into a global learning event offering hundreds of one-hour activities in more than 48 languages for students in kindergarten and up.

Activities required no experience and could be run on browsers, tablets, and smartphones. Some did not require any computer at all.

At St. Anne School, the Hour of Code took place every day as each grade attended its weekly computer class. Based on their skill levels, the classes coded using the Code Academy, Scratch, and Lightbot coding programs. Each child worked at his or her own level.

Every class also had the opportunity to code with the school's Ozobots. An Ozobot is one of the world's smallest programmable robots, measuring just over one inch in height and diameter. Students are able to use color-based coding to program what they would like their Ozobot to do. Either with a marker and paper or with their electronic tablet, students draw lines (tracks) using different colors. Each color is a "code" for the Ozobot to follow. Students will begin programming with simple codes (move forward, turn, spin) and continue learning to code during their classes through January. The end goal is for each student to create their own page of code and then connect the entire school's coded pages together, creating one large trail that all of the Ozobots can travel on at one time. St. Anne School purchased 18 Ozobots at the beginning of the school year to be used in their STEM classes. is dedicated to expanding access to computer science and increasing participation by women and underrepresented minorities. organizes the annual Hour of Code campaign, which has engaged 10 percent of all students in the world.


Vista School Receives Donation December 6, 2017

The Vista School in Hershey recently received a $45,000 grant to improve the lives of students with autism. The grant comes from the Vintage Car Rally Association Inc. (VCRA), based in Grove, Okla.

VCRA, a nonprofit organization, provides a unique forum for antique, vintage, classic, and sports car enthusiasts to compete in controlled speed, timed, distance rally competition that would test the skills and endurance of both the individuals and the machine. The organization donates all proceeds to autism organizations, schools, and chapters in need.

Now celebrating its 15th anniversary, The Vista School has become one of the premier schools for students with autism in the country. Approximately 100 students from 34 school districts in eight counties attend the school. Another 130 students with autism receive support in their home schools through Vista Outreach Services. Vista prepares students with autism to lead meaningful and productive lives.

Half of the VCRA grant will be used to purchase a slightly used van to transport students into the community for training and paid employment. The other half of the VCRA gift will be used to purchase soundproof room dividers to create quiet spaces within classrooms and reduce noise.


Students Inducted Into NHS December 6, 2017

Forty-four juniors and 17 seniors were recently inducted into the National Honor Society (NHS) at Lancaster Mennonite High School (LMH).

The induction pledge was administered by faculty adviser Jon Metzler, LMH Class of 1991, and NHS officers Bethany Bronkema, president; Konrad Martin, vice president; and Matthew Whitney, secretary. The inspirational speaker for the induction ceremony was Mindy Nolt, LMH Class of 1996, pastor of Blossom Hill Mennonite Church.

Senior and junior students who have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5 are invited to apply for NHS membership. The faculty is asked to respond with a positive or negative vote regarding each applicant's fitness in the areas of service, scholarship, leadership, and character. The faculty council reviews all the information and decides which students should be inducted by majority vote of the council.

Members maintain honor roll status each quarter of membership and continue to demonstrate positive qualities of character, leadership, and service. Members also participate regularly in service projects.

Junior inductees were Calla Ashley, Mikayla Beers, Willa Beidler, Olivia Beiler, Elija Bynam, Jacob Cairns, Ryan Dellinger, Ebba Dinka, Justin Gibble, Caelin Grambau, Jenna Groff, Xin He, Jared Hoober, Joel Horst, Emma Jackson, Chloe King, Hannah Kraenbring, Malise Landes, Gabrielle Leaman, Benjamin Lefever, Mandi Lehman, Mutian Li, Yangyang Liu, Sota Masuda, Xiaoyue Mei, Lydia Nolt, Ty Palfi, Paul Peachey, Hunter Rohrer, Nicholas Sampsell, Hannah Steckbeck, Alexis Stengel, Elleah Stillman, Maria Stoltzfus, Rodney Stoltzfus, Avonlea Stringer, Kylie Troyer, Melissa Umble, Cassidy Walker, Gabe Willig, Nathan Yoder, Runqi Zhang, Xiaozhe Zhang, and Zhiran Zhang.

Senior inductees were Roman Ali, Sennan Cen, Chuyi Chen, Chenchen Feng, Benjamin Greenleaf, Nelson Habacivch, Laura Jones, Josiah Kanagy, Yining Li, Noel Mengistu, Micaela Nieves, Shae Stoltzfus, Leif Sundburg, Xuechun Sun, Laura Yeboah-Appiah, Laurine Yeboah-Appiah, and Zhihao Zhang.


Sacred Heart School Unveils Bottlecap Mural December 6, 2017

Sacred Heart Catholic School in Oxford recently held an unveiling and dedication ceremony to celebrate the completion of a student mural made of bottle caps. Students from prekindergarten through eighth grade worked for more than two years to create the mural, which depicts the Biblical account of the creation of the Earth.

At the dedication ceremony, seventh-grade students Jossy Henderson and Dominick Kendrick took turns reading the story of the creation of the earth from the book of Genesis. As they described each day of creation, the portion of the mural that pertained to that passage was unveiled until the entire mural was visible.

Almost all of the large mural is made from plastic bottle caps of various sizes and colors that students and parents collected for the project. They are screwed to the wooden backing.

"Prekindergarten (students) sorted them into boxes, separating them by colors. The kids helped to paint the mural, and they've been using a power drill to screw the caps on one by one," said art teacher Joann Saltysiak. "We used about 3,500 screws (and) about 5,000 bottle caps."

The idea for the project began when Saltysiak was looking at art on the internet and noticed a bottle cap mural done by a group as a recycling project. She saw the concept as a good starting point for a student project, and she took the idea to principal Steven Brunner for his approval.

The mural design was generated from ideas provided by the students, incorporating their ideas ranging from the night sky with moon and stars to the warm sun, ocean, and landscape with animals and flowers.

"Every single kid in the school put an idea on it. (The ideas) just kept on piling up," said eighth-grader Danny Lee.

Bottle caps were used for all but a few areas where more detail was required, such as God's hands at the top center of the mural and a carefully painted Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Students on hand for the ceremony seemed to agree that their favorite part of working on the project was using the power drill to install the bottle caps singly and in some places in multiple layers.

"It was very fun and very creative," eighth-grade student Ricardo Escobar said.

Although it was a big and exciting project, the mural did not take much time away from art classes. The school's art classes continued as usual, with any spare time going to the mural project.

Originally, the mural was to be installed in a hallway just outside the school gymnasium, but it has turned out so well that the parish's new pastor, the Rev. Michael Hennelly, would like to find a much more visible spot for it, so that it can be enjoyed by more people.

"It does deserve an honorable place. When you come up close, it's just amazing," Hennelly said. "This is an expression of everything we do in our private Catholic elementary schools. It's all about our education of the whole child, the beauty in arts and challenging young minds."

Sacred Heart School is located at 205 Church Road, Oxford. It serves the students of the Oxford, Avon Grove, Octorara and Solanco school districts. More information on the school is available at


High Honors Roll Posted December 6, 2017

West Fallowfield Christian School in Atglen recently posted its first quarter honor roll for middle school students in grades six through eight. Students achieving high honors had a grade point average of 3.76 to 4.00.

Students named to high honors are Katie Archambo, Evan Byerley, Samuel Campos, Lucy Eckman, Hannah Howell, Travis Kauffman, Jackson Leaman, Savannah Leaman, Alexandria Longenecker, Rodney Lusby, Mike Moffa, Seriya Perez, Kay Reyburn, Lydia Ridderhoff, Emily Wayman, and Janelle Yu.

For more information about West Fallowfield Christian School, readers may call the office at 610-593-5011 or visit


Mom's Day Out Program Set December 6, 2017

Little Falcons Preschool at West Fallowfield Christian School, 795 Fallowfield Road, Atglen, will host a Mom's Day Out Program for children ages 3 to 5 from noon to 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 20.

The goal of the program is to provide structured theme-based activities for children in a caring and nurturing environment. This month's class will have the theme "Gingerbread and Christmas Fun!" and will include learning centers, story time, circle time, a gingerbread house craft and outdoor play, weather permitting. A snack will be provided.

There is a per-session cost for the program. Space is limited. To register, readers may visit to download a registration form or call 610-593-5011. Children must be toilet trained in order to participate.


YCHS Recognizes Achievements December 1, 2017

York Catholic High School (YCHS) recently announced its distinguished honors roll for the first marking period of the 2017-18 school year. Students in grades seven through 12 were recognized for their academic excellence.

Seniors recognized on the distinguished honors roll are Carolyn Albright, Katelyn Danczyk, Dillon Deardorff, Nicholas Gaito, Brian Hand, Rachel Lyter, and Lexi Zambito. Juniors named to the distinguished honors roll include August Alfano, Zachary Bogart, Logan Corbin, Rebecca Najdek, Kathryn Rader, and Miranda Shearer.

Students in grade 10 are Mary Kate Dick, Patrick Freed, Paige Gordon, Sean Lavallee, Sarah Nigro, Lorraine Schlosser, Annie Steinfelt, and Elizabeth Steward. Freshman Emilio Gurany earned placement on the distinguished honors roll.

Eighth-graders named to the distinguished honors roll include Mia Citrone, Evan Costlow, Helene Cox, Emily Danczyk, Hannah Dillman, Grace Doyle, Nathaniel Gingerich, Madison Janusz, Natalie Javitt, SeQuina Keleta, Mairin Landis, Martina Lyter, Tennison McGraw, Delaney Murphy, Isabella Pearl, Alexis Salahutdin, Willow Sepan, Madeleine Smith, Daniel Sterling, Sydney Ulmer, and Jamie Volk.

Seventh-graders who earned a spot on the distinguished honors roll are Jillian Bick, Madison Bick, Jackson Kepner, Kathleen McKeague, Luis Nguyen, Martin Pokrivka, Henry Sentz, John Weisser, Anna Zallnick, and Mary Zelis.


School Posts Honor Roll November 30, 2017

Lititz Christian School has announced its honor roll for the first grading period of the 2017-18 school year.

Named to the distinguished honor roll were third-graders Noah Connell, Liesel Gaul, Jack Kriebel, Brody Reber, and Parker Stone; fourth-graders Oren Bruckhart and Cally Carpenter; fifth-graders Reagan Connell, Katie Coughlan, Henry Friedrichs, Eva Gaul, Lauren Hurst, and Lucas Murray; sixth-graders Taylor Bruckhart, Madi Haluck, Eliza Mason, and Angie Scanlan; seventh-graders Wynne Coolbeth, Grace Gerard, Jack Haught, Taite Heller, Hannah Jordan, Chloe Kriebel, Kyla Mason, and Grace Reedy; eighth-graders Brayden Carpenter, Stephen Christner, Meg Coughlan, Maria Fisher, and Kate Haluck; ninth-graders Evie Cadwalader and Lizzy Martin; 10th-graders Jackson Esbenshade, Kierra Flahive, John Lawler, and Jimin Yun; 11th-graders Katie Borg and Benuel Lapp; and 12th-grader Jon Martin.

Students on the honor roll include third-graders Caeden Harmon, Sophia May, Autumn Mertz, Breanna Stellato, and Jolene Weaver; fourth-graders Cody Derner, Jude Esbenshade, Hannah Espenshade, Noreen Lehman, Ray Lewis, Nathanael Swift, and Ella Urquhart; fifth-graders Josh Curry, Taylor Grove, Sara Lewis, Gannon McClain, Savannah Mertz, Gabbie Reedy, Sarah Smith, and Lilly Woratyla; sixth-graders Hope Cyphers, Elise Espenshade, Henry Lee, Simeon Lyon, Ava Oberrender, Luke Oberrender, Afton Urquhart, and Abby Zimmerman; seventh-graders Lana Bert, Micah Harmon, Alissa Hoover, Andrew Horst, Brennan Lyon, Reagan Mertz, and Tyler Velkly; eighth-graders Blake Byrne, Kyiah Flahive, Adam Gehman, Andrew Hoover, Nathaniel Miller, Abby Murray, and Kelsey Wardell; ninth-graders Ava Chaboya, Danny Coomer, and Moriah Kreiser; 10th-graders Jack Christner, Ethan Gerard, David Elsner, Jabez Kreiser, Cassie Lee, Elijah Padulese, Ami Takada, Dasany Torres, and Hannah Tyer; 11th-graders Natsumi Shima, Nichole Stanley, Airi Yamaguchi, and Amy Zhou; and 12th-graders Dawson Bert, Hayden Cadwalader, Nate Madeira, David Petrosyan, and Kristen Pontz.

Additionally, Students of the Quarter were eighth-grader Meg Coughlan, 10th-grader Elijah Padulese; fifth-grader Henry Friedrichs, and 10th-grader Katie Borg. Teachers nominate students who have shown marked improvement and growth over the grading quarter. The criteria for improvement can come from any of the following areas: academics, behavior, spiritual maturity, and leadership.


China To Continue Lacrosse Career November 29, 2017


York Catholic Sets Events November 29, 2017

York Catholic High School, 601 E. Springettsbury Ave., York, has posted a Welcome Wednesday and its Christmas concerts.

During Welcome Wednesday, Dec. 6, York Catholic will be open to the public from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for families that want to take a tour while classes are in session. A student ambassador will escort families as they observe a typical school day. All visitors will have a chance to meet with the admissions director to have questions answered. Readers with questions may contact Heather Hoffman, director of admissions and enrollment, at 717-846-8871, ext. 220, or

The community is invited to celebrate the season during the upcoming Christmas concerts, which will feature instruments and voices. The senior high concert will be on Sunday, Dec. 10, at 6 p.m., and the junior high concert is slated for Wednesday, Dec. 13, at 7 p.m. Admission is free.


Honor Roll List Posted November 22, 2017

Lancaster Mennonite Hershey Campus announced its honor roll students for the first quarter. To be named to the honor roll, a student must have a grade point average of 3.5 on a scale in which an A grade is 4.0 All subjects are considered when determining the grade point average.

Students in grade nine achieving high honors are Grace Davidson, Micah Fredrick, Alexis K., Olivia Morrison, Kaylee Musser, Joseph Nichols, Andrew Powell, Megan Wells, Lily Whitman, and Luke Zeevaart. Sophomores named to high honors include Samuel Barna, Kaylin Berry, Ava Hatfield, Benjamin Jessep, Katherine Kauffman, Isabella Knudsen, Joanna Kreiser, Zhiyi Lyu, Sarah Neu, Sierra Phanara, and Emma Sellers.

Juniors named to high honors are Brooklynne Beltz, Ruthanna Eckert, Jingyu Hu, Alia Shenk, Jian Song, Lexi Torres, and Jacob Wildasin. Seniors achieving high honors are Morgan Furjanic, Trent Garlin, Jiacheng He, Tyler Mills, Hayley Moyer, Zachary Neu, Michael Rosenfeld, Darby Seymour, and Daniel Wagner.


Foundation Presents Annual Awards November 22, 2017

The Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) recently awarded $750 toward tuition to each of three students. CEF founder Gerald Ganse and donor Dr. Albert Schreder visited the school on Nov. 9 to meet this year's recipients. CEF is a three-year-old independent group that raises money for tuition for students to attend local Catholic schools.

Schreder, 90, was born and raised on Cabbage Hill in Lancaster. He and Ganse grew up together and attended St. Joseph School and Lancaster Catholic High School (LCHS). At that time, families did not pay tuition.

When Schreder was a senior, the Rev. Anthony Kane, LCHS principal in 1945, told the basketball star he should go to college. Kane helped Schreder get into the University of Notre Dame, where he majored in physical education.

When Schreder was drafted, he went to Fort McClellan, Ala., to train as a sharpshooter and machine gunner. From there, the Army shipped him to Sendai on the Japanese island of Honshu.

After his military service, Schreder returned to Notre Dame and then went on to the Temple University School of Dentistry. He decided to partner with his brother in a dental practice on West King Street in Lancaster, and his children attended St. Joseph School. His wife had also attended the school. In 1993, Schreder retired, and the business moved to Good Drive. It is now managed by his nephew and his nephew's wife.

For more information about CEF, readers may contact Ganse at 717-577-2735.


High Honor List Posted November 22, 2017

Lancaster Mennonite High School announced its honor roll students for the first quarter. To be named to the honor roll, a student must have a grade point average of 3.5 on a scale in which an A grade is 4.0 All subjects are considered when determining the grade point average.

Students receiving honors are ninth-graders Eden A. Addisu, Paige M. Aldinger, Isabella T. Astuto, Sarah Baak, Samuel E. Berehe, India A. Bradley, Ella M. Brubaker, Woojin Chung, Woosung Chung, Bethany K. Crain, Kylie J. Dagit, Owen P. Degenhard, Robsan A. Dinka, Chloe L. Elie, Coleton L. Eller, Josiah M. Esch, Megan O. Esch, Ann S. Fink, Wesley D. Fletcher, Tate M. Frailey, Luka A. Friesen, Isabel H. Garcia, Joshua A. Gingrich, Jonathan Glick, Abigail M. Greenleaf, Ellie E. Groff, Jillian C. Hargraves, Cameron S. Hoober, Kate Hoober, Sara Hoober, Triston D. Horst, Tiffany A. Iraheta, Doran T. Kennedy, Sang Hyun Kim, Kaeleigh W. King, Sheyenne W. King, Hannah G. Kirk, Leilani Krady, Isaac M. Kraenbring, Courtney K. Lehman, Nanga Lin, Kaleb A. Martiny, Sofia G. Masciale-Walmer, Kathryn E. Musser, Esther L. Nolt, Sarah Porterfield, Mekai C. Robinson, Madison Sehenuk, Olivia E. Shumaker, Noelle L. Stringer, Brianna I. Travis, and Micah D. Wenger.

Students in 10th grade who received high honors are Elizabeth Adams, Jacob Adams, Timothy Adams, Salem A. Addisu, Emily J. Alderman, Eden E. Ali, Douglas S. Becker, Abenezer Belamo, Leah E. Bowman, Graham M. Brubaker, Hunter Brubaker, Ian M. Buckwalter, Xinyu Chang, Qitong Chen, Matthew J. Churchill, Madelyn E. Ciliento, Kendra L. Coryell, Mia P. Deibert, Kira R. Denlinger, Elaina Dinse, Mesa Dula, Emily G. Eshleman, Dominic France, Justin Z. Hoover, Justin N. Horst, Kariann S. Horst, Alarie Hurst, Anika L. Hurst, Junguang Jia, Myles C. Jones, Tara Sang X. Kauffman, NamSeo Kim, Seunghyun Kim, Younha Kim, Elizabeth A. Leaman, Zachary T. Lees, Yi Li, Zhenhao Li, Jeffrey T. Lile, Nathan C. Longenecker, Benjamin K. Mast, Joseph S. Mattes, Siyuantu Meng, Abel Haileyesus Mengistu, Hannah F. Millar, Tyler D. Mongiovi, Haoran Mou, Anne E. Mowery, Kara J. Moyer, Ella C. Murray, Toby J. Palmer, Landon D. Rychener, Rebecca Sauder, Noah Schnabel, Haneul Seo, Megan G. Shirk, Emma G. Shreiner, Aidan M. Sommers, Caleb D. Stoltzfus, Noah C. Swartzentruber, Brynna K. Toms, Joshua S. Walton, Joshua Watson, Lauren V. Will, Theodore Wolfe, Haolun Wu, Tingting Wu, Jianing Xue, Jiaying Yang, Junxin Ying, Jingyi Zhu, and Mikaela R. Zimmerman.

Juniors named to the high honors list include Calla R. Ashley, Mikayla T. Beers, Willa S. Beidler, Olivia R. Beiler, Coleman Briguglio, Selorm K. Bruce, Elijah I. Bynum, Jacob Cairns, Kathleen Calix-Alvarado, Hieu M. Dang, Ryan K. Dellinger, Ebba A. Dinka, Connor B. Edie, Ashlee M. Evans, Brooklyn E. Gable, Justin A. Gibble, Jenna C. Groff, Nardos A. Haile, Marzani A. Hall, Seth Harmer, Xin He, Jared D. Hoober, Brendan J. Horst, Joel N. Horst, Logan J. Horst, Kelsey N. Houser, Emma C. Jackson, Chloe L. King, Matthew N. Kirk, Hannah J. Kraenbring, Gabrielle L. Leaman, Benjamin A. Lefever, Mandi J. Lehman, Fenglian Li, Jia Li, Mutian Li, Yile Li, Yangyang Liu, Zulmi A. Marshall, Kendall L. Martin, Sota Masuda, Xiaoyue Mei, Xiangqi Meng, Xuetong Miao, Yujia Miao, Bryanna M. Miller, Clayton R. Nafziger, Lydia M. Nolt, Mary G. O'Sullivan, Ty L. Palfi, Paul L. Peachey, Hunter D. Rohrer, Nicholas P. Sampsell, Destinlee M. Santiago, Erin Sedano-Perez, Xingyu She, Jashan Singh, Hannah G. Steckbeck, Elleah F. Stillman, Maria L. Stoltzfus, Avonlea Stringer, Alexis J. Sydorko, Javon L. Thomas, Shota Totani, Kylie A. Troyer, Melissa K. Umble, Cassidy J. Walker, Hanxiao Wang, Mengyao Wang, Siyu Wang, Zeliang Wang, Gabriel M. Willig, Clinton J. Wilson, Tyler A. Wilson, Changdong Wu, Haochen Xie, Chengan Ye, Shihan Ye, Chenhao Yin, Merry Bizuayehu Yirga, Lan Zhang, Runqi Zhang, Xiaozhe Zhang, Zekai Zhang, and Zhiran Zhang.

Seniors who achieved high honors are Hannah L. Adams, Roman B. Ali, Stephen E. Baak, Joan A. Bencosme, Rachel N. Breslin, Bethany M. Bronkema, Maxwell H. Brubaker, Sennan Cen, Sheng Chang, Chuyi Chen, Peter C. Cook, Carli M. Costello, Jacob T. Dean, Allison K. Deibler, Brett Diller, Wei Du, Jackson C. Eby, Ryan Esbenshade, Sydney J. Esch, Kayla S. Farrar, Chenchen Feng, Cole D. Forte, Johnathon T. Gillespie, Katherine Gish, Benjamin P. Greenleaf, Nelson A. Habacivch, Jonathan W. Hargraves, Samantha Harker, Mary K. Harnish, Oguilvia Hernandez, Charles Hoober, Marisa R. Hoober, Yangfan Huang, Carter R. Hurst, Emma J. Hurst, Younji Jin, Mengtao Jing, Josiah R. Kanagy, Soyeon Kim, Kate E. Kindelberger, Ashley A. King, Molly R. King, Jerilyn G. Lapp, Joseph A. Lapp, Long P. Le, Sang Hun Lee, SangBin Lee, Serim Lee, Shawn P. Leiby, Meng Li, Yingwen Li, Yining Li, Yuchen Lin, Tao Liu, Eric M. Lynch, Ellen K. Mann, Konrad G. Martin, Rachel I. Mast, Dominic S. Mattilio, Noel Haileyesus Mengistu, Hannah J. Murray, Makayla L. Myers, Melissa S. Nafziger, Andrew J. Nell, Nicole Newswanger, Micaela Nieves, Jaleah L. Nisly, Allyssa C. Peters, Joanna E. Ranck, Nicholas Robey, Tatyanna L. Rosario, Joy Rutt, Elizabeth P. Schnabel, Ethan T. Sommers, Ashley P. Spangler, Zachary Steffen, Shae L. Stoltzfus, Xuechun Sun, Leif E. Sundberg, Matthew R. Walker, Savannah G. Walter, Cassidy R. Weaver, Benjamin R. Wenger, Matthew B. Whitney, Laurine Yeboah-Appiah, Yiran Zhang, and Zheyu Zhou.


Mayer To Continue Lacrosse Career November 22, 2017

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