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Team Sets Information Sessions September 13, 2018

The Dutchland Derby Rollers, Lancaster's roller derby league, are seeking skaters, referees, and non-skating officials. No experience is necessary, as participants will receive instruction.

Individuals who are interested in learning more about roller derby and becoming a part of the organization are invited to attend one of three information sessions at Overlook Activities Center, 301 Golf Drive, Lancaster. Sessions will take place at 9 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 26; at 9 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 27; and at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 30.

The first practice will be on Wednesday, Oct. 3, at 9 p.m. at Overlook Activities Center. For the first practice, participants should bring a mouth guard and the set nominal fee; everything else will be provided.

For more information, visit


Elks Present Donation To Football Program September 11, 2018


Derby Rollers Post Event September 11, 2018

The Dutchland Derby Rollers will kick off the second half of its season on Saturday, Sept. 15, against the Greensboro B Team at Overlook Activities Center, 301 Golf Drive, Lancaster. Doors will open at 5:30 p.m., and the action will begin at 6 p.m.

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SYC Warriors Win Championships September 11, 2018


SOPA Athletes Receive Recognition September 5, 2018

Special Olympics Pennsylvania (SOPA) offers training each year to interested athletes who would like to further their knowledge as a Global Messenger, Athlete Representative, Health and Fitness Coordinator, or Coach.

Athletes must attend workshops and complete the necessary requirements. Each year, athletes who have completed their specific training are then honored at SOPA Leadership Weekend and graduate as part of the Athlete University class.

Two York County athletes were honored as part of the 2018 Athlete University class. Noah Rinehart graduated and received a Global Messenger diploma. Michael Plappert graduated and earned his diploma in Healthy Lifestyles.


Bocce Teams Finish Season August 30, 2018


Barnstormers To Honor Douglass August 29, 2018

John Douglass, a resident at Faith Friendship Ministries in Mountville, will be signed as an honorary Lancaster Barnstormer for the day on Friday, Sept. 7, at 7 p.m. at the team's home stadium, 650 N. Prince St., Lancaster.

Douglass was recently diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. With the help of his care manager, he created a bucket list that includes items such as visiting his biological family, eating at local restaurants, and seeing a baseball game.

As an honorary member of the Barnstormers, Douglass will sign a contract, get his own jersey, join the team on the field, and throw out the first pitch. The team has also provided tickets so that the Faith Friendship Ministries family will be able to attend.

Individuals who would like to donate to Faith Friendship Ministries to help fulfill Douglass' bucket list may visit


Arch Street Center Day Planned August 29, 2018

Arch Street Center in Lancaster city has announced that Sunday, Sept. 16, will be Arch Street Center Day at the Lancster Barnstormers' 1 p.m. game at the team's home stadium, 650 N. Prince St., Lancaster.

Proceeds from ticket sales that are purchased using the promotional code 18ARCH will benefit Arch Street Center, which supports adults living with mental illness in Lancaster County.

Individuals who are unable to attend may sponsor an Arch Street member by purchasing him or her a ticket using the promotional code. To sponsor a member, readers may call the box office at 717-509-3633 and tell the ticket representative that they would like to purchase a ticket as a sponsor using the promotional code.


Archer Wins Tournament August 22, 2018


Softball Team Wins Championship August 9, 2018


Baseball Team Wins Championship August 8, 2018


Farm Show Event Raises Funds August 8, 2018

During its Farm Show Weekend, the Lancaster Barnstormers raised $6,800 to support the mission of the youth program at the Lancaster County Agriculture Council. It is the third year the Lancaster County Agriculture Council has teamed up with the Barnstormers to organize the Farm Show, which took place from June 22 to 24.

Farmers, agriculture business owners and employees, and 4-H and FFA students were among the 15,000 who attended the three-day event. Outside of the stadium, modern and antique tractors and other machinery were on display for attendees to check out.

On June 23, live farm animals took over the outfield, including cows, sheep, pigs, alpacas and rabbits. Agriculture-themed games were highlighted in between innings, such as alpaca races. Local dairy princesses were on hand to answer questions from the crowd.

Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding was the guest of honor on June 23 at a pregame program. Redding also threw out the first pitch to start the game.

The Lancaster County Agriculture Council also presented its science fair winners with the Lancaster Agriculture Innovation Awards. A $500 donation also was awarded to Lancaster County Career and Technology Center's Animal Production Science and Technology program.


Lacrosse Club Slates Try-outs August 7, 2018

The York Invaders Girls Lacrosse Club will hold tryouts for club lacrosse for the summer of 2019 on Saturday, Aug. 25, at the Hopewell Township fields on Althouse School Road in Stewartstown. The tryouts are open to girls who are experienced lacrosse players in the Classes of 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024. Registration will take place from 8:30 to 9 a.m., and the tryouts will be held from 9 to 11 a.m.

For more information, readers may visit


More Than A Workout Group July 26, 2018

F3 Lanco Focuses On Fitness, Fellowship, Faith

When Gary Fyke moved to Mount Joy from the greater Chicago area in 2017, he knew that he wanted to establish an F3 group in his new location. "Moving here, I couldn't not have F3 in my life," recalled Fyke, referring to the national network of free, peer-led workouts for men. While being part of an F3 site in his hometown, Fyke helped out with operations, leading workouts, and coordinating community involvements.

Three people showed up to the very first F3 Lanco workout on Oct. 21, 2017, and since then the gathering has grown to approximately 14 regular attendees. Men of all ages are invited to participate in F3 Lanco, which meets from 7 to 8 a.m. every Saturday at Rapho Township Community Park, 960 Strickler Road, Mount Joy. The free workouts are held outdoors, rain or shine. Participants should dress for the weather and bring water and work gloves.

"The workouts are all peer-led, meaning the guys take turns each week on leading the group," explained Fyke. "When you first start, you won't lead for a while until you are comfortable and ready to do so. We will work with every guy to ensure they are ready." Fyke said the workouts are considered boot camp style, mainly because the group counts in cadence to each of the sessions. Body weight exercises make up a bulk of the time, including jumping jacks, mountain climbers, squats, burpees, push-ups, lunges, bear crawls, planks, and more. "It's different every week because a different PAX (person in attendance) leads, and each person brings their own flavor to it," said Fyke. "We do have bricks and cinder blocks for weights that we will use as well to help increase the intensity."

"We have guys of all abilities there. There is no physical fitness requirement for F3," added Fyke. "We leave no man behind and will always encourage you to become a better version of yourself. Part of F3 is that we work together because you are only as strong as your weakest link. So we want to make sure every link is as strong as possible so they are better for their family, the community, and themselves."

F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. Although the organization is not specifically affiliated with a church, Fyke said many of those who attend the workouts are involved in a church of their own. "Our mission is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership," stated Fyke. According to Fyke, the F3 founders came up with the idea when they noticed a strong lack of male community. "This provides an opportunity to get together with like-minded guys to become a better version of themselves," Fyke said.

Each workout ends with a Circle of Trust. "This is the time where PAX share what's going on in their lives - the good, the bad, and the ugly," Fyke said. "What we are going through, more than likely somebody else has gone through and (that) provides an opportunity for additional support. We lift these up in prayer. If you aren't a believer, that's OK; you can still be there to support your fellow man."

Another aspect of F3 that Fyke enjoys is choosing nicknames for each other. Fyke is known as Sunspot, and other monikers among the group include Eagle, the Fridge, Garden State, and Skater.

"F3 is what you make out of it. If you just want the free workout, that's OK; however, once you (show up) for a workout, you will see we are more than a workout group," remarked Fyke.

To learn more, readers may visit or Interested individuals may email with questions.


Soccer Club Opens Registration July 24, 2018

Conestoga Valley Youth Soccer Club has announced that fall soccer registration is open until the first week of August. To sign up, readers may visit

The club is open to boys and girls (U6-U19) who reside in the Conestoga Valley School District. The club is designed to teach basic and advanced soccer skills. Readers with questions may email


New Holland Swim Results Posted July 23, 2018

On July 17, the New Holland swim team came up short, 219-211, in a battle with Skyline. Event winners are as follows.

Girls: 10U 25M Freestyle - A. Rideout 15.96; Open 50M Freestyle - E. Hasse 28.70; 10U 25M Backstroke - M. Parry 18.11; 10U 25M Breaststroke - 20.54; Open 50M Breaststroke - M. Fritz 37.53; 10U 25M Butterfly - M. Parry 17.24; and Open 50M Freestyle Relay - E. Hasse, M. Fritz, K. Gebhard, A. Parry, 1:56.65.

Boys: 8U 25M Freestyle - M. Caramenico 17.52; 10U 25M Freestyle - C. Mitchell 16.18; 14U 50M Freestyle - R. Troop 29.80; Open 50M Freestyle - M. Lemishko 26.03; 8U 25M Backstroke - M. Caramenico 22.42; 10U 25M Freestyle - C. Mitchell 20.56; 12U 50M Backstroke - J. Kulp 38.54; Open 50M Backstroke - M. Lemishko 30.20; 8U 25M Breaststroke - M. Caramenico 23.44; 10U 25M Freestyle - A. Wanner 19.84; 8U 25M Butterfly - G. Reeser 23.83; 10U 25M Butterfly - P. Hasse 32.76; 14U 50M Butterfly - R. Troop 32.45; 10U 25M Freestyle Relay - N. Nolt, R. Clemson, R. Kourt, C. Mitchell 1:13.28; 12U 50M Freestyle Relay - Z. Delgado, N. Cromwell, K. Zimmerman, M. Burkholder 2:15.95; and 14U 50M Freestyle Relay - M. Burns, E. Wanner, J. Kulp, R.Troop 2:03.77.


Swim Team Results Posted July 19, 2018

In recent swimming action, the Lampeter-Strasburg Otters lost to New Holland 260-170 on July 10.

First-place finishers included: 25 M. Freestyle: McKenna Hostetter (8U); 50 M. Freestyle: Nathan Eberly (13-14), Catherine Horner (15-18); 25 M. Backstroke: Lilly Zook (8U); 50 M. Backstroke: Nathan Eberly (13-14), Catherine Horner (15-18); 25 M. Breaststroke: Rhiley Boettger (8U); 50 M. Breaststroke: Kari Anderson (11-12), Nathan Eberly (13-14), Elizabeth Horner (15-18); 25 M. Butterfly: Sora Anderson (8U), Lilah Schwartz (9-10); 50 M. Butterfly: Elizabeth Horner (15-18); 100 M. Freestyle Relay Winners: Rhiley Boettger, Sora Anderson, Anya Sternberg, Makenna Hostetter (8U); Elijah Shenk, Grant Weaver, Joseph Margarito-Galean, Finnegan Kerns (8U).

The Otters picked up their first win of the season, a 221-209 result against Mountville on July 12.

Event winners included: 50 M. Freestyle: Arielle Beamer (11-12), Breanna Fluhr (13-14), Nathan Eberly (13-14); 25 M. Backstroke: Lilly Zook (8U); 50 M. Backstroke: Breanna Fluhr (13-14), Nathan Eberly (13-14), Clint Wilson (15-18); 25 M. Breaststroke: Rhiley Boettger (8U), Jocelyn Aungst (9-10); 50 M. Breaststroke: Kara Scranton (13-14), Kyle Spaulding (13-14), Elizabeth Horner (15-18); 25 M. Butterfly: Lilah Schwartz (9-10); 50 M. Butterfly: Kara Scranton (13-14), Ryan Smecker (13-14); 100 M. Freestyle Relay: Rhiley Boettger, Anya Sternberg Sora Anderson, Makenna Hostetter, (8U); 200 M. Freestyle Relay Winners: Ryann Logan, Madeline Ross, Kaylee Fry, Arielle Beamer (11-12); Matthew Rota, Christian Rota, Ashton Reese, Slayton York (11-12); Breanna Fluhr, Sidney Brinkman, Abby Welchans, Kara Scranton (13-14); Ryan Smecker, Chase Eckman, Kyle Spaulding, Nathan Eberly (13-14); Elizabeth Horner, Molly Nagle, Abby Nagle, Catherine Horner (15-18).

On July 17, the L-S Otters fell short against Overlook, 228-139, in a meet that was suspended due to weather.

Event winners included: 25 M. Freestyle: Finnegan Kerns (8U); 50 M. Freestyle: Breanna Fluhr (13-14); 25 M. Backstroke: Lilly Zook (8U), Elijah Shenk (8U), Jocelyn Romero (10U), Kyto Anderson (10U); 50 M. Backstroke: Breanna Fluhr (13-14), Nathan Eberly (13-14), Catherine Horner (15-18); 50 M. Breaststroke: Nathan Eberly (13-14); 50 M. Butterfly: Kara Scranton (13-14) Elizabeth Horner (15-18); 100 M. Freestyle Relay: Rhiley Boettger, Jordyn Hoffman, Anya Sternberg, Lilly Zook (8U).

The Otters were led this season by seniors Avery Barton and Nathan Tobler. Barton, a Conestoga Valley graduate, has been a member of the Otters team for 12 years, including two years for Eden Manor. He was also a member of the Lancaster City Winter YMCA and the Conestoga Valley Aquabucks swim teams for two years. In the fall, Barton plans to attend Alvernia University to major in accounting and continue his volleyball career.

Tobler graduated from Lampeter-Strasburg and has been a member of the Otters for eight years. He will continue his academic and swimming career at Elizabethtown College in the fall where he will major in mechanical engineering and swim for the Blue Jays.


Twin Valley Ice Hockey Honors Former Player July 19, 2018

During the recent Twin Valley Ice Hockey Club (TVIHC) alumni game, when past players took on the current varsity team, the club retired the No. 16 jersey of former Twin Valley player Tim Coffman. Coffman went on to play professional ice hockey for the ECHL, a minor professional hockey league formerly known as the East Coast Hockey League.

The TVIHC, a nonprofit all-volunteer organization, is open to students from grades one to 12 who reside in the Twin Valley School District. Games and practices are held at ice hockey rinks in Reading and in Exton. "We have a youth team, a middle school team, (junior varsity) and varsity," said TVIHC president Lori Jones.

Jones noted that Coffman was one of the first players to be a part of the varsity team in 2003. "Tim loved playing hockey with his friends, and one day while playing on a pond on Route 401 (in Elverson), he suggested forming a club," she recalled. "He was on other teams, but he wanted to play on a team locally because they all went to school together."

The TVIHC officially formed in 2003 with the motto "Coolest Club in Town."

Coffman was part of the first three varsity championships in the 2002-03, 2003-04 and 2004-05 seasons. He mostly played defense, helping to set up his teammates with goals. "Tim was a cornerstone of those teams," said current varsity head coach Tim Meers. "His teammates enjoyed playing with him, and he was a joy to coach."

After graduating from Twin Valley High School in 2006, Coffman played for the Philadelphia Little Flyers (2006-07) and the Laconia Leafs (2006-08) before heading to Utica College (2008-12).

He has played for the ECHL Greenville Swamp Rabbits (2011-12) and the Tilburg Trappers in the Netherlands (2012-13). He played four seasons for the ECHL Alaska Aces (2013-17) and last season played for HKM Zvolen in Slovakia (2017-18). For the upcoming 2018-19 season, he will play for the Chaux-de-Fonds team in Switzerland.

In his professional career, Coffman was named Most Valuable Player (2007-08) and has been a Dutch Beker Cup Champion (2012-13) in the Netherlands and Rookie of the Month in the ECHL (2013-14). He scored the most goals and points for his team during his one season playing in Slovakia (2017-18).

Jones noted that the jersey retirement ceremony was scheduled for last year's annual alumni game, but Hoffman was unable to attend. "He was called back early to train for his new team," she said. "He told us he would be home in May (of this year) to visit his family before training, so we were able to schedule it."

After receiving his framed jersey from Jones and Meers, Coffman stated "I am honored and grateful to receive this recognition. I love playing hockey and am very happy to be able to play in this alumni game with my old teammates and be able to play professionally. I am living out my dream."

The Twin Valley Ice Hockey Club, now in its 15th year, is currently seeking players for the upcoming season. For more information, readers may visit


Softball, Baseball Tryouts Posted July 18, 2018

Rock Sports Academy has announced its upcoming travel softball and baseball teams. Youths ages 10 to 18 in Lancaster County are invited to try out.

The travel team program will start in October, with outdoor practice running through November and indoor practice running through March. After March, practices will move outdoors, and in April, May, or June 2019, depending upon a player's age group, the travel tournaments will begin. The fall and winter indoor practice will include not only baseball and softball skills training but also a workout program.

Softball tryouts for 12U and 14U will be held on Monday, July 30, and Wednesday, Aug. 1, from 6 to 8:30 p.m at Strasburg Jaycee Park, 218-B Miller St., Strasburg.

Softball tryouts for 16U will be held on Tuesday, July 31, and Thursday, Aug. 2, from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at Strasburg Jaycee Park.

Baseball tryouts for 11U and 12U will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 7, from 6 to 8 p.m., and Saturday, Aug. 18, from 9 to 11 a.m. at Strasburg Jaycee Park.

Baseball tryouts for 16U will be held on Sunday, Aug. 12, from 2 to 4 p.m at the Lampeter-Strasburg JV baseball field, 1600 Book Road, Lancaster.

If players are not able to attend one of these tryout sessions, an individual tryout may be scheduled on a mutually agreed-upon date. There is no charge to try out, but all players must preregister online.

To register for softball or baseball tryouts, readers may visit and click on "Academy." For more information, readers may email or call 717-806-5852.


New Holland Swim Results Posted July 13, 2018

The New Holland swim team recently competed against Adamstown, Woodridge, and the L-S Otters.

The score of the meet against Adamstown was New Holland 173, Adamstown 256. Event winners are as follows:

Girls: 8U 25M Freestyle - M. Buckwalter, 21.29; 8U 25M Backstroke - A. Butler, 25.38; 10U 25M Backstroke - M. Parry, 19.32; Open 50M Backstroke - M. Stone, 35.14; 8U 25M Breaststroke - H. Waters, 29.51; 8U 25M Butterfly - H. Waters, 31.18; and 8U 25M Freestyle Relay - M. Buckwalter, A. Risser, I. Gonzalez, and H. Waters, 1:50.52.

Boys: 12U 50M Freestyle - P. Hasse, 30.98; 8U 25M Backstroke - M. Caramenico, 22.52; 12U 50M Backstroke - P. Hasse, 36.85; 12U 50M Breaststroke - P. Hasse, 40.81; Open 50M Butterfly - M. Lemishko, 27.93; 10U 25M Freestyle Relay - C. Mitchell, N.Nolt, R. Kourt, and A. Wanner, 1:07.77; and 12U 50M Freestyle Relay - Z. Delgado, E. Wanner, K. Zimmerman, and M. Burkholder, 2:13.32.

The score of the meet against Woodridge was New Holland 200, Woodridge 229. Event winners are as follows:

Girls: Open 50M Freestyle - E. Hasse, 29.33; 10U 25M Backstroke - M. Parry, 18.96; 12U 50M Backstroke - P. Rideout, 40.61; 14U 50M Breaststroke - M. Fritz, 38.05; 8U 25M Freestyle Relay - O. Cuthie, A. Butler, H. Waters, and M. Buckwalter, 1:30.81; 14U 50M Freestyle Relay - A. Kirchner, L. Horning, B. Kelly, and M. Fritz, 2:04.27; and Open 50M Freestyle Relay - E. Hasse, M. Stone, A. Nolt, and K. Gebhard, 2:00.98.

Boys: 8U 25M Freestyle - G. Reeser, 20:52; 12U 50M Freestyle - M. Burkholder, 30.33; 8U 25M Backstroke - M. Caramenico, 23.33; 12U 50M Backstroke - P. Hasse, 35.91; 8U 25M Breaststroke - M. Caramenico, 23.92; 10U 25M Breaststroke - A. Wanner, 19.35; 12U 50M Breaststroke - E. Lloyd, 39.06; 10U 25M Butterfly - A. Wanner, 17.21; 8U 25M Freestyle Relay - G. Reeser, C. Nugent, W. Reeser, and M. Caramenico, 1:39.23; 10U 25M Freestyle Relay - C. Mitchell, N Nolt, R.Kourt, and A. Wanner, 1:06.26; and 12U 50M Freestyle Relay - P. Hasse, E. Lloyd. Z. Delgado, and M. Burkholder, 2:05.95.

In club swimming last week, the New Holland team defeated the L-S Otters 260-170 on July 10. Event winners are as follows:

Girls: 10U 25M Freestyle - A. Ludwig, 15.59; 12U 50M Freestyle - J. Bills, 33.42; 14U 50M Freestyle - M. Fritz, 30.04; 10U 35M Backstroke - M. Parry, 18.35; 12U 50M Backstroke - B. Wood, 40.91; 10U 25M Breaststroke - M. Parry, 20.20; 14U 50M Breaststroke - M. Fritz, 38.00; 10U 25M Butterfly - A. Ludwig, 17.74; 12U 50M Butterfly - P. Rideout, 38.73; 14U 50M Butterfly - K. Parry, 32.47; 10U 25M Freestyle Relay - M. Parry, A. Rideout, M. Cuthie, and A. Ludwig, 1:08.47; 12U 50M Freestyle Relay - P. Rideout, H. Horning, B. Wood, and J. Bills, 2:18.90; 14U 50M Freestyle Relay - K. Parry, A Kerchner, L. Horning, and M. Fritz, 2:03.77; and Open 50M Freestyle Relay - E. Hasse, K. Gebhard, M. Stone, and A. Parry, 1:58.62.

Boys: 10U 25M Freestyle - A. Wanner, 15.12; 12U 50M Freestyle - E. Lloyd, 30.60; Open 50M Freestyle - D. Xentaras, 27.32; 8U 25M Backstroke - M. Caramenico, 22.72; 10U 25M Backstroke - C. Mitchell, 20.66; 12U 50M Backstroke - P. Hasse, 36.12; Open 50M Backstroke - M. Lemishko, 30.40; 8U 25M Breaststroke - M. Caramenico, 24.73; 10U 25M Breaststroke - A. Wanner, 19.87, 12U 50M Breaststroke - E. Lloyd, 38.31; Open 50M Breaststroke - D. Xentaras, 34.19; 8U 25M Butterfly - G. Reeser, 26.94; 10U 25M Butterfly - A. Wanner, 17.48; 12U 50M Butterfly - P. Hasse, 33.42; 14U 50M Butterfly - R. Troop, 32.84; Open 50M Butterfly - M. Lemishko, 27.79; 10U 25M Freestyle Relay - N. Nolt, R. Kourt, R. Clemson, and C. Mitchell, 1:09.96; 12U 50M Freestyle Relay - P. Hasse, E. Lloyd, Z. Delgado, and M. Burkholder, 2:06.85; 14U 50M Freestyle Relay - M. Burns, J. Kulp, C. Ludwig, and R. Troop 2:03.37; and Open 50M Freestyle Relay - M. Lemishko, A Horning, B. Ortiz, and D. Xentaras, 1:49.26.

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