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Fancy Footwear January 5, 2015

Consider picking a pair of shoes in a nontraditional color or style to add a sense of fun to your wedding day attire. Whether you're looking for glam or groovy, here's some inspiration for how to put your best foot forward.


Color Inspiration: Neutral Territory October 15, 2013

Why Choose Beige, Gray, White, Ivory, and Black?

-A classic, timeless, sophisticated vibe

-Can be contemporary

-Certain neutrals, like black, tend to be flattering on many skin tones with many different hair colors

-Formal and elegant


Color Inspiration: Perfect in Pink October 15, 2013

Why Choose Pink?

-Associated with love & nurturing

-A feminine, sweet, romantic vibe

-Bright hues can be sassy, bold

-Works well for spring and summer weddings


Color Inspiration: Freshly Squeezed Citrus October 15, 2013

Why Choose Citrus Orange and Yellow?

-Bright hues offer contemporary appeal

-Playful, fresh, energetic, and joyful vibe

-Appropriate for garden or beach themes


Color Inspiration: Hues of Blues October 15, 2013

Why Choose Blue?

-A cool, calm, and peaceful vibe

-Fitting for a number of themes, like nautical, beach, or winter

-Different hues of blue are appropriate for all four seasons

-Flattering on different skin tones and with different hair colors


A Tip from a Pro - Local Vendors September 4, 2013

"Shop local. You will be surprised!"

Jim DeFilippis, coordinator at Eicher Arts Center, Ephrata


Putting a Comfortable Foot Forward at Your Wedding September 3, 2013

Some say shoes make the woman, but shoes that are uncomfortable very well may break the woman - especially at a wedding. Whether you're the bride or a guest, choosing the wrong shoes could sideline you from dancing or cause pain through the night. A smarter step is to put just as much thought into the shoes you will wear as you will into other parts of your wardrobe.

Unless you don't go anywhere without high heels, your feet may be unaccustomed to them for long durations of time. At a wedding reception, where it's all about mingling and dancing, comfort should be considered just as much as style.

That doesn't mean you have to forgo an attractive shoe to be comfortable. It's possible to have the best of both worlds. Here are some options:

* Wedge heels: Unlike other types of heels that put the brunt of the pressure on the ball of the foot, wedge heels distribute body weight evenly throughout the foot. Therefore, you might find these are some of the most comfortable types of heels around. Designers make them in all styles, including more formal versions perfect for weddings and other special events.

* Ballet flats: Ballet flats, once made famous by style icon Audrey Hepburn, can be worn with skirts or slacks. Their low profile helps keep feet comfortable, and they may be completely flat or have a tiny heel. Embellished with bows, flowers, or ribbons, these shoes will dress up any outfit.

* Sandals: Particularly for warm-weather events, sandals can be quite comfortable and fashionable. Giving a peek of toe and ankle can be just as alluring as stilettos, but without the pain.

* Flip-flops: Many brides choose to don flip-flops under their gowns simply because they can be so comfortable. Flip-flops needn't be the run-of-the-mill rubber kind found in the discount bin; they can be dressed up to match your gown or purchased with gemstones and other decorations already attached.

For those who prefer heels for photo ops and looking fabulous, consider bringing along a change of shoes just in case foot pain flares up later in the evening.

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