Grace Covenant Church To Welcome New Worship Director

The congregation at Grace Covenant Church in Exton will welcome Christopher Wright as its new director of worship beginning on Sunday, Dec. 16, at the church's 9:30 a.m. Sunday worship service.

Wright is a professional singer and songwriter and is also the founder of a national concert ministry, Blessed Hurricane Ministries. Prior to accepting the new position, he was a guest worship leader this past summer at Grace Covenant.

"I have been helping churches for a number of years. I do concert ministry, coach worship teams and help churches in transition," Wright explained. "(Grace Covenant) contacted me back in May and asked if I would help them lead worship at their church a few Sundays over the summer, so I did that and got to know the church congregation, the worship team and pastor Tim (Brown). When the position became available, they asked me if I would be interested."

He said that the part-time position will allow him to continue his concert ministry. "On Sunday mornings I will be (at Grace Covenant) and my wife, Jeannie, and I will be joining the church," he said. "We'll be anchored at Grace Covenant, and that will be our home church base. It's nice to have a church family praying for you and your ministry."

He said that in the past services at Grace Covenant were keyboard-driven. Wright will change the focus with more acoustic guitar. "Because I got to lead worship through the summer, (church members) are familiar with my worship style, which is acoustic-led blended contemporary," Wright stated. "The goal is to engage every generation so that all people can express their praise to God."

Wright explained that Blessed Hurricane Ministries was founded following the birth of his daughter, Amanda, who had special needs and lived only to the age of 15. The name of the ministry comes from a Charles Spurgeon quote that reads, in part, "In seasons of severe trial, the Christian has nothing on Earth that he can trust to and is therefore compelled to cast himself on God alone." "He was talking about the blessed hurricane that drives the soul to God," Wright said.

Wright noted that though Amanda was unable to see, walk or talk, she taught her family lessons about God's love. "Holding her was like holding an angel," he recalled. "She was a gift from God that helped us to really depend on Him and look to Him for everything. It kept me close to Him because I was dependent on Him like she was dependent on us."

In founding the ministry, Wright's goal was to use his music to comfort others. "From the time she was born, I started writing songs from my broken place and started to minster to people. I was going around to different churches and sharing her story and our journey and the ministry of the God of all comfort," said Wright. "The music in my concert ministry is geared toward helping people who are struggling to see God in the midst of their trials."

For more information about the concert ministry, readers may visit http://www.christopherwright.com/blessed-hurricane-ministries.

In addition to leading Sunday worship on Dec. 16, Wright will lead "Christmas in Exton" worship events at Grace Covenant on Sundays, Dec. 16 and 23, and on Christmas Eve, Monday, Dec. 24, at 4 and 8 p.m. Details about the events can be found at http://www.christmasinexton.com.

Wright said he excited to begin the next phase in his life of worship through music at Grace Covenant. "It's nice to do something you feel that God gave you the gifts to do and nice to be able to have a church home," he added.

Grace Covenant Church is located in the Oaklands Corporate Center at 444 Creamery Way, Exton. For more information, readers may visit http://www.gracecovenantepc.org.

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