Vista School Receives Donation

The Vista School in Hershey recently received a $45,000 grant to improve the lives of students with autism. The grant comes from the Vintage Car Rally Association Inc. (VCRA), based in Grove, Okla.

VCRA, a nonprofit organization, provides a unique forum for antique, vintage, classic, and sports car enthusiasts to compete in controlled speed, timed, distance rally competition that would test the skills and endurance of both the individuals and the machine. The organization donates all proceeds to autism organizations, schools, and chapters in need.

Now celebrating its 15th anniversary, The Vista School has become one of the premier schools for students with autism in the country. Approximately 100 students from 34 school districts in eight counties attend the school. Another 130 students with autism receive support in their home schools through Vista Outreach Services. Vista prepares students with autism to lead meaningful and productive lives.

Half of the VCRA grant will be used to purchase a slightly used van to transport students into the community for training and paid employment. The other half of the VCRA gift will be used to purchase soundproof room dividers to create quiet spaces within classrooms and reduce noise.

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